Panther Pack Team Q&A


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Q. Are you going to have merchandise available through an online store? If not do you offer merchandise through other channels. I would really like to be able to purchase some team wear!
A. (6-21-2011) I believe the target date for the launch of our new online store will be July 15th. There should be lots of options at that point.

Q. With new engines introduced next season, will you stay with Honda?
A. (6-21-2011) That decision has not been made at this point. A lot of factors go into that and we have not determined at this point the direction in which we will go.

Q. It was cool seeing both JR and Wheldon on the Versus stage together before the Texas race. I was wondering if those two get along? It must be awkward since JR kinda took Dan's ride, but then Dan beat JR for the 500? What's the dynamic like?
A. (6-16-2011) They're cool. There aren't any issues between the two of them and they're friendly every time I've seen them around one another. They apparently had a laugh about the 500 finish at the after-party, and seemed to have fun on the VERSUS stage together.

Q. Do you guys have an idea when you'll be able to test the 2012 car? Time's running short and I was curious if Panther was involved in the test plan for the new Dallara?
A. (6-16-2011) At this stage, there are no plans in place for Panther to test the 2012 car. I'm sure that will come in time, but currently, there is nothing solid in the works.

Q. Following all the Twitter traffic from Graham Rahal, JR and the team and I'm just confused as to what is going on. What does he have against Panther? All his opinions have been unsolicited and kind of .... childlike?
A. (6-16-2011) I really don't know the answer to be honest. Ultimately it's not our problem and not something we're particularly worried about.

Q. I know you've heard this 1,500 times, but Panther has got an amazing driver in the No. 4 car. I hardly knew who he was but am a huge fan after the way he handled himself after Indianapolis.
A. (6-16-2011) Thanks a lot and we'll pass this on. You're right - we've received a lot of messages like this and we're happy that a lot of IndyCar Series fans are learning why we were so excited to get JR in a Panther car.

Q. Really felt bad for JR after hearing about his (knee injury), but I like how he hasn't made it a big deal. Have you guys been assured he'll be OK once we get back to road courses?
A. (6-16-2011) We've consulted several doctors and physical trainers and they've all said that JR should be fine to finish the season.

Q. What the hell is Rahal's problem? First he calls JR a choker for doing something he did twice at Indy, then he accusses you guys of cheating? Is there a history there between he and the team? Or Graham and JR?
A. (6-16-2011) No clue. Seems like a maturity issue.

Q. Man, guys, what happened in Texas? I'd been running my mouth about how Panther dominates at Texas and you guys were not in the game during either of the races.
A. (6-16-2010) One word: PUSH. Just had a lot of understeer in both races. It actually just hurt us in the first stint of each race. Otherwise we were pretty competitive.

Q. The more I watch the Indianapolis 500 the more I'm convinced you guys got totally screwed. Wheldon passed JR AND Kimball under yellow. That explaination on Wind Tunnel that Barnhart gave was crap. You guys won!
A. (6-16-2011) No we didn't. Wheldon won. End of story. We've moved on. You should give it a shot.