Dan Miller - Chief Mechanic, No. 4


Delphi Panther Racing Chief Mechanic Dan Miller brought a calming influence to Panther Racing last year, his first with the team. Miller, noted for his leadership, work ethic and even-tempered style was a Lead Mechanic in 2006 during Vitor Meira’s spectacular run to fifth place in the IndyCar Series standings, and his performance during that magical season helped elevate Miller into the Chief Mechanic role this year.

His experience is vast, but most recently he worked for long-time IndyCar Series team Dreyer & Reinbold before making the move to Panther Racing. Ironically, Miller worked at Walker Racing en route to landing at Panther, much like several other of the team’s crewmen. In addition to Miller, Team Manager Ron Catt, Race Engineer Bill Pappas and No. 55 Chief Mechanic Jason Weatherford all passed through Walker en route to Panther Racing.

Miller is also passionate about another form or racing that couldn’t be further removed from the hot racetracks where he spends his summer – snowmobile racing. A veteran on the snowmobile circuit, Miller takes time off during the off-season to be involved in snowmobile races while the rest of the crew tried to find someplace warm during the cold winter months in Indianapolis.