16th Street Racing League – Rules & Regulations

Top 25 Locked-In Positions:
Each 16th Street Feature Race will consist of 25 locked-in positions, 10 positions reserved from the Top Ten finishers from the Transfer Race, and a predetermined number of spots reserved for Celebrities/Promoter Options. No positions are locked-in for the oval race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where starting lineup is determined by Pole Day and Bump Day qualifications.

Transfer Race:
Any driver outside of the Top 25 can become eligible for the Feature Race by finishing in the Top Ten of the Transfer Race. Any driver already inside the Top 25 in points will not be eligible for competition in the Transfer Race. All rules and race conditions for the Transfer Race will be identical to the Feature Race.

Hosting of Transfer, Feature Races:
*Feature Races will be held from the League Page on iRacing, which you can find by clicking the “LEAGUES” tab at the top of your iRacing browser.
*All Transfer Races will be held in the “Hosted” section of iRacing.
*All Practice Sessions held in the “Hosted” section of iRacing.

*Single qualifications (2 laps) on ovals. Five minutes allocated for qualifications.
*Open qualifications on road courses; 20 minute session split into two groups with each group receiving 10 minutes of track time.
*Qualifications for the oval event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be held in separate Pole Day and Bump Day sessions and will be single qualifications, 4-lap average. The Top 42 make the field. Qualifying points paid.
*Qualifications at Iowa Speedway will consist of three 30-lap heat races to determine starting field. Qualifying points paid.

Feature Race – Sunday:
Open practice; 5:00 – 7:00 pm (ET)
Qualifications; 7:00 pm (ET)
Race; approx. 7:05 pm (ET)

Transfer Race – Sunday:
Open practice; 5:00 – 6:00 pm (ET)
Qualifications; 6:00 pm (ET)
Race; approx.. 6:05 pm (ET)

Weather set to default.

Fuel Tank Capacity Reduced to 61% for all events except Indianapolis, Pocono, Auto Club Speedway and Road America – where fuel is reduced to 80%.

Start & Restart Procedures:
*Double-file Restarts at Short Ovals & Road Courses.
*Single-file Restarts at Superspeedways.

Pit-in procedures will be dictated by the specific in-game rules of each racetrack or as otherwise indicated by the Chief Steward.

Drivers must exit pit lane and merge back into the field on the backstretch (ovals). On road courses pit-out procedures will be dictated by the specific in-game rules of each racetrack. Failure to follow proper pit-out procedure will result in a drive-through penalty.

A driver must not alter her/her racing line based on the action of pursuing Drivers or use an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent passing. If you pick a defensive line entering a corner, you must maintain that racing line throughout the duration of said corner. Any movement in direct reaction to a following car’s attempt to pass is subject to a drive-through penalty.

Lapped Cars:
Lapped cars, especially cars multiple laps down, interfering with lead-lap cars will be subject to black flag and possible expulsion from the race.

Damaged Cars:
Any car with damage is required to run a reasonable pace TBD by the Steward. Running damaged cars during caution periods is strictly prohibited and subject to being removed from the server, discipline at future races and a points deduction.

Team Tactics:
Team tactics and/or orders on the track are prohibited. Any obvious signs impermissible team tactics will be subject to a black flag to all participating competitors. These include; lapped cars working to assist teammates on the lead lap, team cars working in tandem to keep competitors from advancing position, or any other inappropriate activity as determined by the chief steward.

Avoidable Contact:
A competitor must not initiate or attempt to initiate avoidable contact that results in the interruption of another competitor’s lap time or track position.

White Line at Ovals:
Any car advancing its position below the white line (on ovals) that does not surrender the position within one lap will be subject to a black flag.

There will be no resets in any 16th Street Racing event.

Drop Weeks:
There will be a total of three (3) drop weeks. Drop weeks will not be specific to oval or road course tracks.

Voice/Text Chat/Forums/Social Media:
No foul language, threats or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be accepted in voice or text chat. Voice chat during green-flag conditions is to be kept to an absolute minimum, or offending parties will have their chat disabled. Any competitors out of the race who continue post-crash banter during green flag conditions following their incident could be subject to removal from server, penalty at the following race and/or points deductions. This rule also applies to any public forum including the iRacing Member Forum and social media platforms.

Celebrity Guests:
Please treat all celebrity guests or real-world drivers as you would the rest of the field. Avoid bombarding guests with questions, comments or whisper chat messages. Allowing these guests to participate in 16th Street events without fanfare will only encourage them to participate on a more frequent basis.

Chief Steward:
Chief Steward Scott Manifold will oversee all on-track activity during races. There will be additional officials monitoring on-track activity, but ultimately all penalties will be at the discretion of the Chief Steward.

Leadership Council/Protest Review Board:
A Leadership Council/Protest Review Board has been formed to handle all off-track discipline or any penalty that extends beyond the race in which the infraction was committed. Council members are Chris Cahoe, Tim Doyle, Randy Crossno and David Sockrider. The Chief Steward abstains from protest reviews.

Competitors who would like to file a complaint/protest must do so via PM to Scott Manifold and must save a replay of the incident. Should any member of the leadership council be involved in the complaint, they will be excluded from the disciplinary review and replaced by Manifold.

Rulings will be made in a timely manner.

Please keep up with the action of the 16th Street Racing League via social media, including race recaps, photo galleries, videos and more. Tell your friends and family they can keep up with the league at:
Broadcast: All 16th Street Races are broadcast live on GlacierTV.
Facebook: /16thStreetRacingLeague
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