Revolutionary Organization Dedicated to Curing All Diseases of the Brain, Eliminating Stigma with TBI

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - (August 29, 2012) – Panther Racing announced today it has partnered with One Mind for Research, and will carry the revolutionary organization’s logo on the team’s No. 4 National Guard Chevrolet, starting with this weekend’s Grand Prix of Baltimore. One Mind is dedicated to curing all diseases of the brain and eliminating the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and brain injuries.

"One Mind for Research is a revolutionary approach to a problem that has been avoided for too long - the illnesses of the brain and the stigma that is so often a part of it. We are grateful and honored that Panther Racing has chosen to add their support to One Mind's mission," said One Mind CEO Pete Chiarelli.

Panther has been particularly proactive in its support of Soldiers who have experienced traumatic brain injuries since becoming aware of the epidemic after becoming a partner with the National Guard in 2008. Throughout each year Panther officials including driver JR Hildebrand have visited multiple VA Hospitals across the country and have seen the affects of TBI on our returning Veterans.

In 2009, Panther met with Army and National Guard leaders to share technology developed by Delphi Motorsports that measures the amount of G-Force IndyCar drivers experience during accidents. This technology helped lead to the development of Integrated Blast Effect Sensor System (IBESS), which is designed to measure blasts from IEDs on vehicles and dismounted Soldiers. Just recently, the second generation of this technology was deployed with Soldiers in Afghanistan, and has been instrumental in providing valuable data from blasts or other events to military neurosurgeons.

"At Panther Racing, we're very honored and privileged to be supporting One Mind this weekend at the Baltimore Grand Prix,” Panther Managing Partner and CEO John Barnes said. “Their emphasis on doing research on the brain is an effort we all need to support, especially with the amount of traumatic brain injuries amongst the Soldiers we meet throughout the year. We've seen first-hand the devastating affects of TBI and One Mind is working diligently to do something about it. It's an honor for us to promote and endorse an organization like One Mind who is doing so much for these great Americans."

ONE MIND is an independent ,non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to curing ALL diseases of the brain and eliminating the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and brain injuries. In collaboration with our partners in science, government, advocacy, and business, One Mind has established a 10-year plan to revolutionize and accelerate research, treatment, and cures for mental illness and brain injury. Through ONE MIND, a diverse coalition of scientists and advocates will combine government, corporate, and philanthropic resources to fund groundbreaking new research and establish portals to shared scientific data, leading to faster treatment and cures for all types of mental illness and brain injury.
ONE MIND is a division of the International Mental Health Research Organization (IMHRO).

Brain diseases are the number 1 cause of adult disability globally, afflicting, in some form, 1 out of every 3 people. For example, among the psychiatric diseases (i.e. mental illnesses), major depressive disorder leads in prevalence, disabling about 5% of the population to some degree in any given year. Among veterans returning stateside from service in Iraq, 300,000 are estimated to have TBI and/or PTS, adding to the total estimate of 1.5 million Americans living with these diseases. Beyond the emotional pain endured by these individuals and their families, the total lifetime treatment cost for these individuals calculates to about $3.3 trillion. This and the cost of dementia care for our nations’ growing elder population ($400 billion annually now, to triple by 2050) will soon prove beyond the ability of the U.S. economy to sustain—unless neuroscience starts an emergency pace, right now. At a time of decreasing government research funding and pharmaceutical industry’s widespread withdrawal from psychiatric drug R&D, this cause needs public support now to develop the preventions and cures that will protect the brain health of people worldwide.

Race Broadcast Details:
The Grand Prix of Baltimore will be broadcast live on NBC Sports Network on September 2nd at 2:30 pm (ET), with additional coverage provided by the IMS Radio Network, XM Channel 94 and Sirius Channel 212. Practice, qualifying and race coverage is also available on the new IndyCar Mobile app from Verizon. - -